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Recorded content that demonstrates best practices in using Git and GitHub.

What is GitHub?

Ever wondered how GitHub works? Let’s see how Eddie and his team use GitHub.

GitHub Training & Guides on YouTube

The official YouTube channel for fresh GitHub training videos.

GitHub for Windows Users

Microsoft Virtual Academy: GitHub for Windows Users


Git reset is the command that allows you to discard or revise commit history within your repository. Whether you’re undoing some changes or re-crafting your commits in a new way, git reset is the appropriate command. We’ll also take a look at several of reset’s command line options and examine how git checkout performs similar functions.


Forking is the first step to contributing to projects on GitHub. Forking allows you to copy a repository and work on it under your own account. Next, creating a branch, making some changes, and offering a pull request to the original repository, rounds out your contribution to the open source project.

Professional Guide to Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Learn how Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment can help you ship better software, faster.

What is GitHub Pages?

GitHub Pages lets you turn GitHub repositories into websites that showcase your portfolio, your projects, their documentation, or anything else you want to share with the world. Get started today by visiting to learn more.

Advanced Git Tricks

Our own Tim Berglund brings some slightly humorous, very useful advanced Git instruction at a conference in Norway in September 2012. Tim performs a commit without using the add or commit operations, demonstrates various forms of rebasing, shows powerful log options, and more.

O'Reilly Media • Mastering Advanced Git

Go beyond the basics and take Git to a higher level of productivity. If you’re familiar with this popular distributed revision control system (DVCS), Mastering Advanced Git will help you leverage Git’s powerful yet underused advanced features.

O'Reilly Media • Mastering Git

Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund demonstrate how Git not only incorporates the best features of existing source control systems, but also includes unique distributed capabilities that make version control commands available without connectivity, allowing you to choose when to interact with a network.

Git Notes and GitHub

Git Notes are a relatively unexplored feature of Git. This GitHub podcast by Matthew McCullough shows how the Git notes feature works from an add, push, and fetch perspective. The display of notes is also examined from the notes show, log and GitHub Web UI vectors. You’ll be an expert at leveraging Git notes after watching this episode.

GitHub Teams and Organizations for Hackathons

Are you running an open source team hacking event? Use free GitHub Organizations and Teams to easily manage all of the projects and contributions for the event with this getting-started step-by-step guide.

O'Reilly Webcast—The Fringes of Git

Matthew McCullough and Tim Berglund introduce you to the very edges of Git’s capabilities.

Validated Build Promotions with Git, GitHub, and Jenkins

Promoting builds from one Git repository to another for the purposes of vetting code with unit tests and only passing “verified” code to the second, more quality repo.

What’s the big deal about the small Git version control system?

Matthew McCullough gives a hands-on demonstration of Git, showing why Git matters and why we are suddenly hearing so much about a tool invented several years ago. The free open source social coding features of GitHub are also shown along with how they organically motivated PHP to move its sources there.

Git Basics

A great set of entry-level videos from the official Git site, hosted by Matthew McCullough.