Self Study Learning Path

Learning Git and GitHub can seem daunting but with this helpful list of training resources, you will be a Git-guru in no time.

Just Getting Started

Title Time
:computer: On Demand: Introduction to GitHub 30:00
:computer: On Demand: Using GitHub Desktop 30:00
:tv: Setup Git 2:15
Total ~1:02:15

Ready for Next Steps

Title Time
:tv: Creating New Repositories 2:25
:tv: Understanding Branches 2:25
:tv: Changing Your View of the Repository 3:11
:tv: Merge Conflicts 4:50
:tv: Using Diffs 3:33
:tv: Using Git Log 4:57
Total ~ 21 minutes
:computer: A Visualization Tool for Learning Git

Setting Your Team Up for Success

Title Time
:clipboard: GitHub Flow 4:00
:tv: Setting up a .gitignore 3:06
Total ~ 7 minutes

Already Comfortable, Ready for the Hard(er) Stuff

Title Time
:clipboard: How to Undo Almost Anything with Git 7:30
:tv: More on Reset 3:47
:tv: Using Reflog 3:28
:tv: Using Rebase 4:20
:clipboard: Working with Submodules 4:30
Total ~23 minutes