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Congratulations you just completed the Windows course! Now that you have your Windows development environment all setup, the GitHub Training team would like to provide links to help learn Git and GitHub, terminal applications, and how to get out of sticky situations:

  • GitHub 101: Introduction to GitHub learn the GitHub UI, how Issues and Pull Requests work, and the GitHub Flow.
  • GitHub 102: Using GitHub Desktop learn how to use GitHub Desktop when creating commits and synchronizing changes with the pull and push commands via Sync.
  • GitHub 103: Using the Command Line learn how to leave GUI environments when working with Git and push and pull changes right from your terminal application.
  • Git Out of Trouble learn how to use those commands that you found on Stack Overflow when you encountered an issue during your workflow.
  • Git and GitHub Training Path want to dive a little deeper into Git? This provides links to other resources that give a little more context to Git and the GitHub Workflow.