What Next?

With the the merge conflicts resolved you know have a fully functional GitHub Pages based resume.

you did it!

Enable GitHub Pages

Although you worked on a GitHub Pages-powered resume, GitHub Pages haven’t been enabled for your repository so no one can see it. Follow these steps to enable GitHub Pages and officially publish your resume.

  1. Select the Settings tab.
  2. On the Options pane (the default pane opened when you click Settings), select the Source drop-down in the GitHub Pages section and select master branch.
  3. Click Save, the Settings tab will refresh, scoll down to the GitHub Pages section to see the link to your GitHub Pages site.

Modifying Other Sections

To modify the other sections of the resume, simply create a new branch and modify the the files found in the /_data folder. For instance, to modify the Projects section, edit the /_data/projects.yml file. After making your changes, create a new pull request with your branch and merge your changes.

Modifying the Picture

If you would like to change the image used on your resume you need to perform a few actions.

  1. Create a new branch, maybe name it something like, new-avatar.
  2. Navigate to the images folder and click the Upload files button.
  3. Drag and drop your image and commit your change by clicking Commit changes.
  4. Open the /_layouts/resume.html file and edit line 16. Replacing images/bob-avatar.jpg with images/YourFileName.
  5. Commit the change and create a pull request. After creating your pull request merge and delete the branch.
Stuck? Open an issue in the repository for this class and mention @githubteacher for help from one of the GitHub trainers!