Gene and Louise Lend a Hand

So, our resume is slowly taking shape, after modifying the contact information in the _config.yml file, we turned our attention to the experience.yml file. To wrap up, we need to finish adding our education and interests to the resume.

instructions for this activity

  1. In your imported version of the repository, checkout to the branch named: username-education.
  2. While on that branch, open the _data/education.yml file.
  3. Modify the content in the degree, uni, year, and summary lines.

    The education.yml file supports displaying awards you may have received, you can add that on a new line between year: and summary:.

  4. Save your changes to the education.yml file and create a new commit.
  5. While on the username-education branch, open the _data/interests.yml file.
  6. Replace the existing interests with your interests. For example description: Learning about Git and GitHub could be one of your interests.
  7. Save your changes to the interests.yml file and create a new commit.

    If you made the changes on your local machine, push your changes back to repository on GitHub.

  8. Create a new pull request. Use the base: of master and the compare: of username-education.
  9. Click Create pull request.
  10. In the This branch has conflicts that must be resolved section of the pull request, you can click the Resolve conflicts button to resolve the merge conflict.
  11. It would appear that Gene and Louise Belcher recently made changes to the master branch and modified the same files you did, this is what is causing the merge conflicts. Similar to when we had to resolve a merge conflict with Bob’s changes, remove Gene’s contributions from the education.yml and Louise’s contributions from the interests.yml files.

    gene and louise saying its a crisis

  12. With the merge conflict markers removed, click Mark as resolved and merge your pull request.

    gene trying to rip shirt