Teddy, Mort, and Jimmy Help

Since we customized the resume to include our information, we should include our current professional experience. To include our experience we need to modify the experience.yml file.

instructions for this activity

  1. In your imported version of the repository, checkout to the branch named: username-experience.
  2. While on that branch, open the _data/experience.yml file.
  3. Modify on the content on lines 2 through 6 making sure to provide information in the company, position, duration, and summary lines.
  4. Save your changes to the experience.yml file and create a new commit.

    If you made the changes on your local machine, push your changes back to repository on GitHub.

  5. Create a new pull request. Use the base: of master and the compare: of username-experience.
  6. Click Create pull request.
  7. In the This branch has conflicts that must be resolved section of the pull request, click the Resolve conflicts button to resolve the merge conflict.
  8. It would appear that Teddy, Mort, and Jimmy Pesto recently made changes to the master branch and modified the same file you did, this is what is causing the merge conflicts. Similar to when we had to resolve a merge conflict with Bob’s changes, remove Teddy, Mort, and Jimmy’s contributions from the experience.yml file. If you need a refresher on how to resolve a merge conflict, check the I need a refresher section below.

    In the video instructions above, you might notice that @beardofedu ran into 2 conflicts in the same file. That is because they edited lines 2 - 6 and 15 - 19, so Git identified the two changes within the file as two separate conflicts. Had they edited lines 2 - 19, it would have been one merge conflict.

    teddy holding his eyes

  9. With the merge conflict markers removed, click Mark as resolved and merge your pull request.

    teddy dancing

I need a refresher

To remove the merge conflict, we should identify the content we want to keep and the content we want to remove. Then, remove the unnecessary content, and remove all conflict markers.