Managing Merge Conflicts

You might have heard the term merge conflict in hushed whispers from another Git user. Maybe you’ve encountered one yourself and had to Google your way out. You might also just be exploring everything Git has to offer and have no idea what a merge conflict is.

This course is designed for all of you. We demystify the merge conflict and, through a series of examples, prepare you to face off against the evil merge conflict and be the hero of the day!

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In this course, we’ve created a few conflicts for you to resolve in a sample repository. This repository contains a GitHub Pages powered resume. That means, when you finish this course, you’ll have more than a few merge conflicts under your belt. You’ll also have a shiny new resume.

Don’t worry. When you’re all done, we’ll provide instructions for polishing your resume and getting it ready to share with others.

It’s a good idea to complete a few other courses first, specifically the Introduction to GitHub, and either GitHub Pages from GitHub Desktop or GitHub Pages from the Command Line.

If you have any questions while taking the course, make sure to create an Issue in the primary class repository.

As a token of appreciation for all of the laughs the Belchers have given some of the trainers here at GitHub, we are using them to cheer you on as you conquer merge conflicts. In no way, shape, or form, does FOX:tm: or Bob’s Burgers:tm: endorse this course, GitHub Professional Services, or GitHub Inc.