Use GitHub Flow


To add your pin to the project, you will need to add a new file. You will do this with the GitHub Flow.

So far, you have created an issue, become a collaborator on our repository, and done a little exploring. Now it is time to get to work and add your pin to the class map! To add your pin to the map, we are going to use the GitHub Flow.

To quickly summarize the GitHub Flow, it is a branch based workflow (don’t worry, we explain branches in the next section) that enables you to make changes to a project’s file without altering the published content until you are ready to share you amazing changes :sparkles:.

Tell me why

Understanding the GitHub Flow

If you would like to learn more about the GitHub Workflow, check out this video:

Stuck? Open an issue in the repository for this class and mention @githubteacher for help from one of the GitHub trainers!