Git Trouble Scenarios

Unlike our other courses, this course doesn’t follow a linear path and you can jump into any of the different scenarios provided. So git ready to learn about how to get out of trouble with a healthy dose of terrible git puns.

Too Many (small) Git Commits!

While you were making changes you might have created a bunch of tiny commits, but when it comes time to actually push your changes back to your remote, you want to prevent your commit history from being inundated with the 30 commits you just made. This scenario guides you through creating a more concise history.

Git Commit Message Sucks

‘Edited stuff’ might have seemed like a decent commit message at 3am, but in hindsight, you might want to provide a little more context. Covering the different commands you can use to revert the error of your commit message-ways, this scenario identifies how to get more descriptive.

Git Committed to Wrong Branch

So you got excited about making some changes and accidentally committed your changes to the wrong branch? Happens all the time. This scenario walks you through the steps required to successfully remove those commits and commit them to the right branch, even if you already pushed them up!

Accidental Git Commit

Did you make a commit before you had actually finished all of the related changes? Maybe you left one lonely little change in the working directory? Perhaps your commit included changes that were unrelated. In either case, we can fix that, just follow along and git out of trouble.

Just Make it Go Away! - Breaking Things With Git

That innovative fix was supposed to fix everything! Instead your project is a garbage fire and you just want everything to go back to how it was. Have no fear, we can make that happen.

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