This Services Statement of Work (SOW) is between GitHub, Inc. (“GitHub”) and (“Customer”).

The terms and conditions governing the delivery of services include the executed by Customer on or about (the “Agreement”) and Online Terms and Conditions https://services.github.com/terms-and-conditions/.

If there is a conflict of terms, those in this SOW will prevail. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Statement of Work shall have the meaning given to them in the Agreement.

This SOW shall become effective (the “Effective Date”) upon the date this SOW is signed by both Parties or receipt of purchase order, where applicable, whichever is later.

Scope of Work

Premium Services enables customers to accelerate results for their organization with tailored, on-going technical and strategic consulting. The table below shows the total days Customer has purchased and the total days remaining that can be used to select any Services listed in Appendix A, as fully set forth in the catalog found at: https://services.github.com/catalog/. Offerings in the catalog may be updated from time to time. The catalog contains the most up to date version of our offerings.

Services Days
Total Days Purchased X
Total Onsite Visits (not to exceed) X

Period of Work

All Services will be delivered within twelve (12) months of Effective Date. Any Services that remain undelivered at the end of the twelve (12) months of Effective Date shall be forfeited. For clarity, as an example only; if the date of execution is April 1, 20X1 all services must be delivered by March 31, 20X2. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.

Schedule of Work

Schedule adjustments for holidays, GitHub internal events, and vacation will be made in advance in writing. GitHub will perform all Services during Customer’s normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Customer local time). Travel must occur during the standard work week with Monday and Friday each being travel days.

Services will be redeemed and scheduled upon mutual written agreement, which will be completed via email acceptance by an authorized GitHub representative. Scheduling is subject to both GitHub’s and Customer’s availability. All engagements require at least four (4) weeks advance notice.


Fees for services are included below. The fees due for the Services described in this SOW are exclusive of Expenses unless otherwise mutually agreed by both parties.

Services Days Total
Premium Professional Services X $X
  X $X
  Sub Total $X
  X% Discount $X
  Travel & Expenses Cap $X
  Total $X

Customer can purchase additional days at the above daily rate within one year of this agreement. All days purchased under this agreement will expire at the end of this contract.

Customer Responsibilities

GitHub Responsibilities

Travel and Lodging

Invoicing, Payment, and Expenses

GitHub will invoice customer for Premium Professional Services at time of execution of this SOW. GitHub will also invoice actuals of any Travel and Lodging expenses after each onsite visit, where applicable. Payment and any expenses accrued through the duration of the project shall be fully reimbursed to GitHub with NET 30 terms. Any fees exceeding this SOW will be agreed by signed amendment to this SOW.

At GitHub’s expense, GitHub Professional Services providers may be accompanied by additional GitHub employees for professional development purposes. In no event will Customer pay any fees, costs or expenses incurred related to additional GitHub employees who are present for developmental purposes.

Purchase Order

Billing Information

In Witness Whereof, the parties cause this Statement of Work to be signed by their duly authorized representatives as of the last date below.

GitHub, Inc.     **  
Authorized Signatory: __________   Authorized Signatory: __________
Name: __________   Name: __________
Title: __________   Title: __________
Date: __________   Date: __________

APPENDIX A: Professional Services Catalog

GitHub Technical Advisory Services

The Technical Advisory Services offering begins at on the Effective Date. It is the intent of the parties that the 40 days of Technical Advisory Services shall be delivered uniformly throughout the Period of Work.

Technical Advisory Services provide a primary consultant (a Solution Architect) for the customer. The Solution Architects are a team of professionals who are experts at software delivery and have extensive backgrounds in driving digital transformations at some of the world’s premier software organizations. The Solution Architect will be available throughout the contract term, based on a mutually agreed schedule, for the following:

Collaboration Communication and collaboration between the GitHub Solution Architect and the Customer includes both asynchronous and synchronous channels:

Services Catalog

Services can be redeemed for any modules listed in the Services Catalog (https://services.github.com/catalog/) throughout the period of this contract. Each service in the catalog will have a specified duration listed, unless it requires additional scoping. Services in the catalog may be updated from time to time. The catalog contains the most up to date version of our services.