The InnerSource Metrics Consultation is focused around InnerSource principles like discoverability, cross-team collaboration, transparency, and community. This focus informs the goal setting and recommendations provided over time.

Data is an important tool in understanding how your business is performing - but how can you use that data to pinpoint areas for improvement? By understanding your goals, we provide context to the GitHub Insights data.

We will check in quarterly to build a relationship and measurable progress over time. We’ll help you evolve based on your data and your unique circumstances. When called for, we can even see through the implementation ourselves.

With global experience serving industry leaders, our team is ready to help you make the most of GitHub Insights. We specialize in working with you to make the most impactful choices and drive progress.

Target Audience

Key Features and Benefits

Delivery Methods

Initial discovery:

Quarterly follow ups:


This tailored engagement can be on-site or remote depending on your needs. GitHub Professional Services will work side-by-side your team to discuss the most important metrics and goals for your organization.


The purpose of discovery is to understand your business goals. Why did you purchase GitHub Insights? How do you want to use metrics to improve your business? Without this information, we are unable to provide value by contextualizing the results seen in the Insights product.

Before beginning the engagement, we will gather screenshots or data from your Insights output, and conduct surveys. The purpose of the survey is three fold:

  1. Engage with more members of the team
  2. Introduce the topics and goals of the synchronous sessions, giving you time to prepare and think more deeply about your goals and methods
  3. Gather specific information about your goals, relationship to change, and attitude towards metrics

Discovery continues with synchronous time. This time is spent:

Initial presentation/consultation

Based on the findings in the discovery phase, we prepare recommendations in the form of a short presentation. During this presentation, we will review the findings through the discovery phase, help you customer baseline your metrics, set expectations and goals for the metrics, and provide advice and guidance on specific next steps to impact metrics. (Examples include training, implementing automation via a probot app, restructuring teams and orgs, etc.)

If the discovery phase is done on-site, a break between the discovery and the presentation would be necessary to prepare.

Follow up presentations/consultations

Quarterly, we will re-engage with you, gathering updated data from Insights, and holding discussions or surveys as necessary.

Similarly to the initial consultation, a short presentation would be given updating on progress, goals, blockers, and advice on continued next steps.

Learning Outcomes

After this engagement, your team will be able to: