It’s no secret that it takes diverse skillsets and roles to make successful teams. By opening GitHub to a broad audience in your organization, you give your developers access to the expertise and diverse ways of thinking that represent your entire user population. This two day, hands on training targets those who don’t develop software for a living to help them speak the language of GitHub and understand how they can leverage the platform to improve their own work.

Target Audience

Key Features and Benefits

Delivery Methods


Note: Delivery days and times can be modified as needed.



This hands-on engagement covers a broad range of technical and collaboration practices. Activities range from configuring integrations with the GitHub Platform to mapping real-life workflows. Though the technical experience of learners may vary, the activities introduce the software development lifecycle on GitHub from a non-developer perspective. This training introduces learners to the work done on GitHub by developers and non-developers alike.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this training, learners will be able to: