Give your developers confidence with Git and GitHub with hands-on, practical training from GitHub Professional Services. With GitHub for Developers, your team will spend two days working with a GitHub Expert to gain a solid understanding of Git, how to apply GitHub Flow in their existing projects, and how to handle common situations that occur when working in Distributed Version Control Systems. Most importantly, your team will learn how to collaborate more effectively to write quality code.

Target Audience

Key Features and Benefits

During the training we create multiple individual repositories for each learner. This creates a hands-on experience and allows for optimal understanding of Git and GitHub in real repository projects.

Delivery Methods



Note: Delivery days and times can be modified as needed.


Participants can expect a challenging, hands-on learning experience with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and apply new concepts to their work. Each day’s content is built upon the previous day so it’s important that all participants attend all training sessions.

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

Project 4

Learning Outcomes

After completing this training, learnings will be able to:


Learners for this training will need to complete the following checklist prior to class: