GitHub Enterprise Server is constantly being improved, in terms of security and performance, as well as new features to make your developers happier and help them work more efficiently. GitHub strongly recommends that you upgrade your instance of GitHub Enterprise Server on a regular basis.

Ensure your upgrade is performed correctly with one of our experienced engineers as your co-pilot. After completing the upgrade, we’ll work with you to craft an internal playbook that will allow you to confidently perform future upgrades on your own.

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Additional scoping required


Our GitHub engineer will walk you through the documentation and recommended best practices for upgrading to GitHub Enterprise Server, and help you generate a playbook for future upgrades. If you have a staging or dev instance, we can walk you through a test upgrade and help determine criteria for validating successful upgrades prior to the production migration. In order to ensure that your system administrators are prepared to perform upgrades in the future, we will provide guidance as they perform the hands-on upgrade.

Business Outcomes

After this engagement, your team will be able to: