GitHub Actions allow you to automate your workflows. This training will enable your teams to start leveraging GitHub Actions in their own projects across a multitude of use cases; CI, CD, administrative tasks, project management, and more. The syllabus consists of a mix between presentation and demos, plus ample time to engage in Q&A with a GitHub Actions expert. After this training, your teams will be able to automate their own workflows as well as understand the key concepts such as the workflow syntax, secrets management, runners, how to build custom actions, and best practices.

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This training is structured as a mix between presentations, demos, and Q&A. Each day will aim to not only cover the basics of GitHub Actions, but also leave space to explore use cases specific to your own projects and teams. As a baseline, the key topics we will cover are:

Learning Outcomes/Business Outcomes

After completing this training, learners will be able to:

After this engagement, your team will be able to: