In-house GitHub Experts can help you grow and support your GitHub user base. Our experience has shown that in-house experts, equipped with advanced Git and GitHub skills, quickly become go-to resources within an organization. These in-house experts help your developers adopt best practices, design effective workflows and get out of tricky Git situations.

Target Audience

Key Features and Benefits

Delivery Methods


Note: Delivery days and times can be modified as needed.



In this hands-on learning experience, participants will have the opportunity to explore various ways of working with Git and GitHub to understand and explain best practices. Each day’s content is built upon the previous day, so it’s important that all participants attend all training sessions.

Day 1

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Learning Outcomes

After completing this training, learners will be able to:


Participants should already be familiar with Git, GitHub, DevOps practices, and your organization’s specific workflow and tooling needs.