Considerations around scaling GitHub Enterprise Server often involves long-term deployment strategies, including a clustered architecture. If you have already discussed clustering with GitHub Sales and Support, lean on the expertise of a Professional Services Engineer to help you implement the solution in your environment.

The Professional Services Engineer will explain the administrative tradeoffs alongside the horizontal-scaling options and help build a test environment to allow you to deeply understand the solution. Once the solution has been properly vetted, shift the conversation to designing a cluster for a mission critical, production deployment.

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On site Additional scoping is required
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Take advantage of our Services Experts to deep-dive on your scaling goals and understand how our GitHub Enterprise Server deployment strategies will serve your specific needs. Learn about the underlying technologies that GitHub is built upon, and see how they compare and contrast using real-world reference cases. If a cluster is right for your environment, align on which services may need to be scaled to support your growing user community.


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